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Aardvark Newsletter                                                                                                                                No. 10 


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  • Getting ready for the Holidays
  • Tips on using your wood burning fireplace

Clean Fireplace Helps Keep Holidays Safe 

It’s about time to get your chimney and fireplace ready for Santa with a thorough cleaning. Emptying the ashes after a fire isn’t enough.

It’s important to remove what you can’t see: the creosote, soot, ashes, dust, leaves and even birds that are stuck in the flue and chimney.

Why bother? When smoke from your fireplace goes up the chimney, some of it condenses into soot and tar in the flue, which is the chimney’s inner surface.

 That creosote builds up over time, and it’s highly flammable. If it catches on fire, it will get so hot so fast that it can burn your house down before help can get to you. Even small, contained chimney fires can crack your flue and chimney, which are supposed to draw smoke and dangerous gases away from the burning fire and out of your home. Cracks can leak—sending that stuff back indoors.

During the inspection, the Aardvark chimney professional will look for cracks in the masonry, damaged dampers, worn-out chimney caps and other problems—and fix them.

Have your chimney inspected once a year, and the inspector can tell you if it needs to be cleaned more often. That usually depends on how often you build fires in the fireplace.

Between inspections, you can check the outside of the chimney for cracks, which are usually stained by smoke so they’re easy to spot. And install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms on every floor of your home.

Here are a few tips for safety using your wood fireplace during the holidays:

  • Burn wood only in a wood-burning fireplace. Never burn gift wrap, boxes or packing in the fireplace. They burn too quickly and generate too much heat. 
  • If you hang Christmas stockings from the mantel, do it when you’re not burning a fire. Place them far enough away from the flames so they won’t catch on fire. 
  • Install a screen in front of the fireplace and use it every time you light a fire. It will keep sparks from flying into the room.
  • Never use gasoline or lighter fluid start an indoor fire.
  • Choose seasoned, dried wood for use in the fireplace.
  • Put the fire out before you leave the house or go to bed. Don’t let it burn out on its own. 
  • Remove ashes regularly. Place them in a metal container and store them outside, far away from anything that’s flammable.
  • And don’t throw your Christmas tree or any loose branches or needles into the fireplace! They ignite in a flash and can send sparks into your room or up and out of your chimney—and start a fire before you know what’s happening.



We hope this information helps everyone prepare for the holidays. Get those chimneys inspected and cleaned and from all of us here at Aardvark ….. Happy Thanksgiving.


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