Hood Cleaning Service in Kansas City

Thousands of fires explode into kitchen exhausts every year, causing extensive damage and endangering lives. Commercial kitchens are at a higher risk for explosive fires because of the frequency with which stoves are used, making regular hood cleaning vital to the health of your restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, or other commercial property. 

Aardvark is among the top hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in the Midwest. Whether you are a small town cafe or a big city bistro, our experts can take care of your commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, keeping your kitchen and business safe from hood fires caused by grease buildup.  Contact Aardvark for more information about our Kansas City commercial cleaning services!

Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

Cleaning a kitchen’s exhaust system is most commonly referred to as hood cleaning, though you may hear the terms vent hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, or range hood cleaning used interchangeably. These terms typically refer to the same process—cleaning the hood (the canopy outside the exhaust system), filters, ducts, and fans of an exhaust system.

By removing grease, dust, food particles, and other fire hazards from your exhaust system and duct-work, commercial hood cleaning helps keep your kitchen safe by improving ventilation, reducing fire hazards, and keeping the room much cooler.

The thorough cleaning of the entire exhaust system is important, not only for your commercial kitchen’s safety, but it is also necessary for passing fire, health, and insurance inspections. No restaurant owner wants their establishment remembered throughout the Kansas City area for having kitchen fires.

The Dangers of Improper Hood Cleaning

It is inevitable that kitchen exhaust hoods in restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, hotels, and other food service establishments will get coated with grease and flammable dust. These dangerous materials accumulate over a short period of time, and if commercial kitchen exhaust systems are not properly inspected and regularly cleaned, they can pose a potential hazard. Just one uncontrolled flame-up on the stove can amount to a dangerous fire, leading to injury and expensive damages like costly roof repairs.

In one study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (AFPA), between the years 2011-2013, 150 restaurant fires involving grease hoods and duct exhaust fans caused $7 million in damage. To prevent fires like these, Aardvark recommends (and the law requires) regularly scheduled hood cleaning services.

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How Often Should a Commercial Kitchen Receive a Hood Cleaning?

Most insurance companies, health inspectors, and fire marshals require regular hood cleanings. Depending on the operating hours of your business, the use of grease to cook, and the type of cooking establishment, you may be required to schedule more frequent cleanings.

Here are the general guidelines to give you a better idea of how often you should schedule kitchen hood cleaning services:

  • 30-day commercial cleaning requirement: Hamburger and fast food restaurants, charcoal burning stoves, and restaurants that are open for 24 hours
  • 90-day commercial cleaning requirement: Most average restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospital kitchens, and employee cafeterias
  • 180-day commercial cleaning requirement: Pizza restaurants, snack bars, and oven hoods
  • 1-year commercial cleaning requirement: Hoods over non-grease appliances, such as dishwashers, soup vats, and steam kettles

How Are Kitchen Hoods Cleaned? 

The best ways to remove grease and smoke buildup are outlined by the NFPA. The best practices for smoke buildup and grease removal typically involve applying chemicals to remove the grease before power-washing the grease away. The hoods are then polished for easier day-to-day cleaning.

Is Your Kitchen up to Code?

Aardvark Residential and Commercial Services is here to ensure your kitchen is safe and meets regulations by providing thorough, professional exhaust and hood cleaning throughout the Kansas City area. Call today to get started.