Kansas City Fireplace Repair and Restoration

Your fireplace is not only a design feature in your living space but also a unique element that brings a sense of warmth and coziness to your home. When not in use, a fireplace provides a natural gathering place for friends and family to enjoy time together. Putting a log on the fire brings a sense of peace and comfort, and sitting around its warmth for a fireside chat is a tradition as old as time.

In addition to the comfortable ambiance a fireplace adds to your home, it also provides needed warmth in the Kansas City area during our chilly fall and winter months. In order to take full advantage of all that your fireplace has to offer, it’s important to make sure it is in good working order and can be used safely.

Fireplace Inspection and Restoration Services by Aardvark

Aardvark Residential and Commercial Services can make sure your fireplace and chimney are in tip-top working condition. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that all fireplaces be cleaned at least once per year.

We provide complete detailed inspections using a drone to take photographs and also additional pictures before and after cleaning. If during the inspection and cleaning we find there are repairs and/or masonry work needed, we’re happy to offer you a free estimate and can also complete that work on which we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide all aspects of fireplace care. See below for more information.

Fireplace Care Services We Provide for Our Customers
  • Chimney Inspections and Cleanings
  • Chimney Flue Repair or Replacement
  • Fireplace and Chimney Repair 
  • Fireplace Restoration
  • Masonry Repair

Regular maintenance is important to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are in working order and safe to use.

Obtain Fireplace Repair Services From Aardvark Residential and Commercial Services

If you have not had routine maintenance performed on your fireplace, you may need fireplace repair services. Whether you have a defective chimney system that needs repair or you are just looking for maintenance services, you will find professional services and a great experience when you call Aardvark.

For quality service of your fireplace, call today to set up an appointment.