In  our last installment of “Movies with People Crawling in Air Ducts: Best Of,” we covered classic films such as Die Hard and The Breakfast Club. Those films are great and well-known, and they’ve received critical accolades. (They are, however, entirely unrealistic because air ducts are not designed to hold 200-pound men.) We wanted to take a closer look at some lesser-known films that use our favorite Hollywood cliche. Here’s the list:

Red Dwarf

Even though it isn’t a movie, the British sci fi series, Red Dwarf  dedicated an entire episode — called “Duct Soup” to people crawling their way through a spaceship’s HVAC system. The whole crew makes its way to the engine room. The TV series was a lot of fun, albeit unrealistic. That’s what makes TV great, though, right?

reel to reel player
Industrial Air Ducts


Airheads launched the careers of several Hollywood stars including Adam Sandler and Steve Buschemi. It also features seasoned actors like Mike McKean and Joe Mantegna. The plot centers around three musicians, Chazz (Brendan Fraser), Pip (Sandler), and Rex (Buschemi) who are desperate to sign a record deal and gain exposure. The band — ineptly called, The Lone Rangers — decides to break into a rock radio station and get Ian “The Shark” (Mantegna) to play their demo tape. When things go wrong, the band holds Ian, Milo, the station manager (McKean), and the rest of the station hostage.  When Doug Beech (Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame) makes assumptions and tries to stop the chaos, he ends up slithering his way through KPPX Rebel Radio’s air ducts. His efforts are thwarted when he receives the contents of a fire extinguisher to the face.

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