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Aardvark Newsletter No. 31
Inside this issue:
  • ·        Benefits of a Chimney Cap
With the spring weather here it brings lots of rain and stormy weather. I just want to touch base with you about the benefits of having a chimney cap.  
Many people debate on whether or not to use a chimney cap. Using a cap on your chimney will provide many advantages. This article will discuss some of the advantages of using a chimney cap.
One of the first advantages of using a chimney cap is that it keeps animals from entering. Birds are attracted to the warmth of the chimney and will make nests that can possibly clog up the chimney. Raccoons also frequently cause problems. A chimney cap will keep all animals from setting up a home inside of your chimney.
Another advantage of using a chimney cap is that it protects the chimney from rain. Rain and moisture can build up inside the chimney and lead to damage. A chimney cap will also prevent rain from entering your fireplace and heater or ruin your walls and ceilings.
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