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Aardvark Newsletter No. 26 THIS IS A MUST READ!

Aardvark Newsletter No. 26
Inside this issue:
  • ·        Local company AIR DUCT CLEANING SCAM
  • ·        THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!
Hi everyone! This week I was really upset when a customer called me and was telling me about a local Kansas City air duct cleaning company that tried to scam her. She received a coupon in the mail which lead her to believe that she could get her air ducts cleaned for $45.00 WOW what a deal right? WRONG! The woman she spoke with over the phone told her “YES” we can clean all of you VENTS and RETURNS for $45.00!!!! Well the coupon states that (1 Furnace) is included as well…….WELL here is where the SCAM starts…… The furnace is only a FURNACE INSPECTION……not cleaning…..the main trunk lines are additional cost, the furnace cleaning is additional cost, the sanitizer is an additional cost, the inspection fee is an additional cost, the brushing system in an additional cost…….OH MY! So the customer was baffled and ask the woman “well can you send someone out to my house to just give me an estimate” and of course that could not be done as well….. she was told “you have to set an appointment for the cleaning for that.” WOW REALLY! Ok so here is a PERFECT example for a bait and switch company. They tell you one thing to get their foot in the door then it is a total different story once they get there and it’s time to pay.
Needless to say we took care of this customer and she was VERY HAPPY with our integrity and service. I personally took care of her and told her exactly what we would be doing in her home as well as a bottom dollar price. This is what ALL companies should be doing. Yes, every company has to make a profit, Yes, sometimes duct cleaning can be expensive but why treat a customer this way? I don’t and will never understand this concept. We take pride in our company, our workers and the job we do. But most of all we take pride in not cheating and lying to our community. The people that mean the most!
I have a copy of the coupon that the customer gave to us from the SCAMMERS! So I am including it in this newsletter. The best advice I can give you is ASK QUESTIONS! If an company will not give you a bottom dollar price or a FREE IN HOME estimate……RUN! Run away fast as you can, 99.9% of the time there is a reason they wont!  
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