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Aardvark Newsletter    No. 22    
Inside this issue:
  • ·        Question to ask when getting a Air Duct Cleaning quote
  • ·        NBC dateline video on Air Duct Cleaning Scams
We wanted to put it out there that it is impossible to do a complete air duct cleaning in your home for $49.00-$79.00 This is a scam for these companies to get into your home. We have had numerous calls from customers that were so upset because one of these companies had just left their home. They drag you in with these gimmick ads, get to your home want to do an INSPECTION of the duct work (which is usually a $95.00 charge) then tell you that your furnace, mains and returns are NOT included in the advertised ad and it will be X amount of dollars to clean them. By the time they are done your looking at a bill that is $500 plus easy. So we wanted to make a question list for anyone that is looking to get their air ducts cleaned. A good, honest company will give you a bottom dollar cost. No surprises, No gimmick ads no trip fees etc. So here are the bottom line questions you will need to ask:
1.       How many vent openings does this include?
2.       Are my returns included in this price?
3.       Is there an additional cost for my furnace?
4.       Are my Main Trunk Lines included in this price? If so is there a limit on how many?
5.       Is the Sanitizer included in this price?
6.       Is there an inspection fee?
7.       Is there a trip charge?
8.       Is this the bottom dollar cost?
Aardvark takes pride in giving bottom dollar prices. We DO NOT try to get into your homes and slap you with unnecessary high dollar cost. The price we give you is the price you pay BOTTOM LINE! Our technicians take pride in their work and will do an excellent job! Go to our testimonial page and check out some of our satisfied customers, not just residential but commercial as well.   I have attached a video from NBC Dateline that shows you more in depth how these scammers work. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week and a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!
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