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Newsletter    No. 17
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·        Tips for maintaining your fireplace
5 Tips for Maintaining Your Fireplace
1. Clean your fireplace often.
The most important thing you can do to make sure that your fireplace continues to work properly is to clean it often. We recommend that you clean your fireplace at least once a year.
2. Prevent creosote buildup.
Creosote is a tar-like substance that builds up in your fireplace and chimney over time. Creosote can be dangerous if it catches on fire. One good way to prevent creosote buildup is to start each day with a roaring fire, instead of a small one, so as to burn up any of the creosote that may have built up overnight.
3. Get your fireplace checked by a professional once or twice a year.
Even though you may not be using your fireplace during the spring or summer months, it’s important to get it checked out throughout the year, to make sure that warm, humid weather hasn’t affected its proper function. A professional chimney sweep can inspect all parts of your fireplace, including the harder to reach places for a pretty small fee.
4. Before setting up your fireplace, check for blockages.
Aside from creosote, other things could potentially block your chimney. It’s not uncommon for birds to nest up there, effectively ruining your fire. Before setting up your fire, open the damper and using a strong flashlight and mirror, look to see if there is any sort of debris. If you have any doubts, call a chimney sweep.
5. Make sure the wood is hard and seasoned.
Using the proper wood is as instrumental to burning a safe, effective fire as taking any other measure. Wet, green wood aids in creosote buildup, and it’s also just plain hard to light and keep going. Dry, seasoned wood is best.
Hope everyone has a warm and safe week. Remember to check out our specials on chimney cleaning this week. Just click on the SPECIALS tab!!! Have a great week!
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