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Prairie Village Chimney & Air Duct Services

For close to 20 years, Aardvark Residential and Commercial Services has serviced chimneys for Prairie Village residents and businesses. From chimney repair to chimney cleaning and inspection, our chimney services continue to be trusted in the Prairie Village area.

Caring For Your Prairie Village Home

Safety should be the most important aspect for any home or business owner. People often think about their roof, plumbing or electric, but how often do you think about your chimney? Old chimneys can have soot and residue from use, and ill-kept air ducts can be dangerous to the air quality in your home and affect the efficiency of your vents. Having your chimney inspected before you throw that first log on in the winter is crucial. Just as you would have an technician out to check your furnace, having a chimney repair expert to inspect your home or commercial building’s chimney for cracks, blockage or damage ensures safe use during the cold winter months.

Aardvark Residential and Commercial Services provides residential air duct cleaning, chimney cleaning, chimney repair and many other chimney services in Prairie Village.

Our team is committed to making your residential property a safer place to live. If your Prairie Village property needs air duct cleaning or chimney service, contact Aardvark Residential and Commercial Services.

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