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Aardvark Newsletter No. 43
Inside this issue:
·        Indoor Quality Air
·        Allergies
·        Cleaner & Healthier Home
·        Utilities Reduced
Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality
When you have cleaner air ducts, the quality of your indoor air improves. Aardvark has been helping Kansas City homeowners breathe cleaner indoor air for over 17 years. Our technicians have the expertise and advanced technologies to ensure you receive a complete air duct cleaning and benefit from breathing cleaner indoor air. Your air ducts are a perfect hiding place for dust, debris and other harmful particles such as mold and pet dander. When your residential air duct cleaning is finished, your ducts will be free of all of these particles, preventing them from being released into your indoor living space. Aardvark’s experienced and professional technicians work carefully with your heating and cooling system during your home air duct cleaning, getting them as clean as possible and protecting your important investment.
Cleaner Air Ducts and Allergies
With the help of Aardvark air duct cleaning specialists, you can be breathing cleaner air in your Kansas City home quickly and easily. Your air ducts are major collectors of dust, pet dander, dirt, and other harmful contaminants. These particles pollute your air and trigger allergies and aggravate respiratory illnesses, especially for children and the elderly.
A Cleaner and Healthier Home
Who wouldn’t like to dust less often? After Aardvark completes your air duct cleaning, they leave behind vents that contain no dust or other particles. When air is circulated through these cleaner air duct vents, it will not carry with it any dust into your home, leaving your home less dusty. Enjoy the benefits of having a healthier and cleaner home after Aardvark completes their air duct cleaning service.
Reduce Your Electric Bill
Dirt and debris may collect in your ventilation system blocking ductwork and key components of the furnace, including the evaporator coil and blower.
Build-up of these contaminants in the system can restrict airflow causing it to work harder and longer, thus expending more energy.
By cleaning the entire HVAC system, you may see an increase in the energy efficiency of your system, which in some cases may translate into lower utility bills. These cleanings may also extend the life of your furnace or air conditioning system by reducing the wear and tear.
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