Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Dangers

Kitchen hoods in restaurants and hotels can get coated with grease and flammable dust quite quickly. These dangerous materials will accumulate over a short period of time, and if they are not properly removed or regularly cleaned, they can pose a potential hazard. Just one uncontrolled flame-up on the stove can amount to a dangerous fire, leading to injury and expensive damages.

Thousands of fires explode into kitchen exhausts every year, causing extensive damage and endangering lives. Commercial kitchens are at a higher risk for explosive fires because of the frequency with which stoves are used. The ducts, hoods, fans, and vents of the exhaust systems collect flammable materials more quickly than your average home appliance.

At Aardvark, we recommend you keep the kitchen and your business safe with regularly scheduled commercial exhaust cleaning and hood cleanings from our team of experts. Scheduling commercial exhaust cleaning services to rid your hood and duct systems of grease, dust, food particles, and other flammable material is one of the easiest and most practical ways to protect your kitchen from fires.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial exhaust cleaning services can prevent danger and improve efficiency in your kitchen. A thorough hood cleaning will make your kitchen run more smoothly and efficiently, safely removing grease, smoke and other flammable materials from the kitchen. Commercial exhaust cleaning helps keep your kitchen safer by improving ventilation, reducing fire hazards and keeping the room much cooler.

The best ways to remove grease and smoke buildup are outlined by the National Fire Protection Association. The best practices for smoke buildup and grease removal typically involve applying chemicals to remove the grease before power-washing the grease away. The hoods are then polished for easier day-to-day cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Jobs of All Sizes

Aardvark Air is among the top commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in the Midwest. Whether you are a small town cafe or a big city bistro, our experts can take care of your commercial exhaust cleaning, keeping your kitchen and business safe from hood fires.

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